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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

I Try

I try.... Really hard.

I try hard to be positive all the time. Even when everything around me is falling apart.

I try hard to trust that life has a plan for me. To trust that people around me are sincere. To trust that maybe someone could love me as much as I love them. Even if I feel like I have nothing to offer but my love.

I try hard to believe people care. Even if they don't always show it. Even if they don't make time for me.

I try hard to be the person you want to love. Even though I know I will probably never be that person.

I try hard to make you proud. Even if you never stop to notice what I'm doing or see it for what it is.

I try hard to make my life better. Even if I always end up taking one step forward and get thrown three steps back.

I try hard to hold myself together. Even as the tears tear down my walls and drown me from the inside out.

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